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24hr Emergency Electrician Call Out

We offer a 24 hour call out Emergency Electrician in Bolton and Manchester for emergency situations, electrical faults can come at any time of the day or night, don’t hesitate to call us, we can be there with an hour in the northwest area

Electrical Engineer Accreditations and Qualifications

Below are some of the electrical engineer qualifications and industry regulation authorities we need to acquire to became a trusted electrical engineering company and adhere to regulations and make sure the job is done correct.


Require an Electrical Rewire in Bolton or Manchester?

As you will know everything deteriorates over time.  Its exactly the same with your electrical installation.  Its recommended that your electrics are rewired every 25 years.

Call today to arrange a visit from one of our electricians to determine if you require an electrical rewire.



Domestic Electrical Services in Bolton and Manchester.

We Offer a wide range of domestic electrical services in the Bolton/Manchester area.

From adding extra sockets in your home to maintenance on your electrical installation,  all our staff are city and guilds qualified and have bundles of experience in the electrical field.

Call the office today for any queries you may have or to arrange a visit from one of our experts.



Electrical Safety Checks in Bolton and Manchester Area.

Whether you have a tripping RCD or would just like a bit of piece of mind, Electrust – Electrical Services carry out Electrical Safety Checks starting from as little as £100.

Many occasions we have been called out to properties were the installation had not been tested in several years and faults had started to occur.  In some cases even causing electrical fires.  This could have been prevented if the property had up to date checks on the installation.



Commercial Electrical Services in Bolton/Manchester Area.

Electrical maintenance services is a main field for our engineers.  We work on commercial properties from nursing homes to shopping complexes.  Over the years we have worked with some of the largest building companies, retail outlets and schools.

We can even help with the design and planning of your commerical electrical installation.




Quality Reliable Service at Affordable Prices

Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
The Spectrum theme has made our website the best in our industry, none of our competitors even come close to us. Just a huge thanks to the CMSSuperheroes team for a stunning theme!


Testing & Inspection Services

When your electrics turn off and your in-experienced in such a situation it can seem a little daunting.  But dont worry as Electrust Electrical Services Bolton have electrician Bolton at hand for these emergency situations.  There can be many reasons as to why your electrics have tripped out and one of the main reasons can be water.  It will find its way into most spaces and therefore can cause moisture inside electrical appliances/sockets, etc.  There is no guarantee to water being the cause but like mentioned it stands a big chance of being.  Other such reasons could be that the cables are really old and have perished therefore causing a short.  It is important to have your electrics checked and the electrician will then determine how often the property will need the electrics checking.

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