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Electrust – Electrical Services Wigan cover most areas within the North west with Wigan being one of the more popular Towns for us.  We have landlords who require Electrical Installation Condition Certificates in many areas within Wigan.  This can reduce costs within your home insurance as your electrical installation is deemed as a potential hazard if not inspected.

Emergency Electrician Wigan

Electrician Wigan

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I have stated time and time again that everything has wear and tear and deterioration in inevitable.  Thats why Periodic Inspection Reports are carried out.  Just like your car has an MOT every year, Your electrical installation within the home needs inspecting.  Im not saying new installations need inspecting every year, as thats down to the electrician to deem, But with an Older installation I would most certainly recommend an Electrical Installation Condition Report At the minimum every five years. electrical services Wigan call 07549396370

Electrical Services Wigan 

When electrust first started to complete work outside Wigan a few years back, We was called to a job in Aspull.  To find the installation in a bad condition was an understatement.  Live cables burnt out, Sockets hanging off the wall.  It opened eyes within the company as to how some people live.  Dangerous was not the word.  I remember the lads saying they wasn’t sure how the tenant had not been in touch with an electrician sooner.  But I suppose that some people only really take action once something serious happens and i can promise you in most cases it would only be a matter of time

electrician wigan

Unsure as to the condition of your Electrical Installation – Require an inspection from a competent Electrician Wigan – Feel free to get in contact with Electrust who will arrange an inspection for you.  Remember – Safety first!emergency electrician wigan