28 Jun 2014

One problem when lighting circuits trip out at night time is that you are left in complete darkness unless you have a torch handy.  Even when you eventually get to the mains board(consumer unit) you find that if you have the old style board which has the old type circuit breakers in(1361). Which means that rewiring the fuse.  After putting the fuse back in it blows again.


This is when there is most definately a fault on the circuit, as first time it would be possibly because a bulb had gone although that tends to be on a new board where the mini circuit breaker would turn off. It is unusual for  bulb to be able to blow the fuse in a cartridge fuse.  Now it is time to get in a professional who has the right multi function testers for the job. Firstly taking out all the bulbs the electrician will carry out an insulation test which is a dead test, meaning there is no power on when carrying out the ELECTRICAL TEST. Basically this involves sending 500 volts between the live and neutral , live and earth and neutral and earth.  In the British standards regulations it states that anything over 1 ohm is acceptable although anything under 2 ohm requires further investigation although the result should be considerably more than this.  In a new installation expect it to be over 200 ohm.  Basically this test is carried out because over time the insualtion of the cable deteriorates causing the copper inside the cables to touch causing a short.  This would be the reason for the fuse blowing.  When working in bolton with another electrican about 6 months ago i remember him testing both legs of a ring main, putting one end of the testers on the neutral of one leg and one end on the other neutral  After a minute i heard him say it was down and couldnt believe what he was trying to do.  Of course it wouldnt be clear your testing down both the neutrals rather than live neutral , neutral earth.  He put his face down in embarrasment and i made sure i give him enough stick about it.   Basically what is done , you go to where the centre of the radial circuit is and test both sides of it to see which side is doen and follow it from there, if one side is clear then follow it down the other side until it becomes clear between which lights the fault is on.  Renew the cable and fasten the lights back up.  Complete the rest of the test procedures,  Need any help, guidance or a quote on a periodic inspection report or any other electrical work contact one of the staff at Electrust.  Regards

28 Jun 2014


When it is an electrician you require in Bolton, Wigan , Bury, Preston, Rochdale or any other surrounding town/city look no further than ELECTRUST.  For all your electrical service needs whether domestic or commercial feel free to contact One of the team at ELECTRUST.  Whether its a free quote or some professional advice we will be more than happy to help.

All our electricians are based in Manchester, meaning that we can be quick to attend your needs.  All electricians are time-served, city and guilds qualified and trained to the 17th edition regulations.  ELECTRUST are a member of the approved scheme with Napit. We issue certificates for all types of work that needs otherwise be inspected by building control.  Napit constantly check the quality of the work we carry put to make sure we are working to good standards.  Also we are insured 2 million public liability insurance.


So whether you require a periodic inspection report to check the safety of your home/shop or you need your property testing after you have had work completed call us to arrange an inspection.

28 Jun 2014

As time goes by all things suffer the effects of wear and tear and start to show signs of deterioration.  Until it gets to the point were it is actually faulty/non-working.  This is the same with an electrical installation.

Whether it be the cable that starts to deteriorate, the light switch becoming dis-functional or the bathroom light flickering.  It is fair to say everything has a life span and sometimes the fact of being lazy takes over and nothing is done about it for some time.  It is recommended that the cable in your electrical installation should be replaced every twenty five years.  This is due to the fact that the insualtion surrounding the copper/etc wears away meaning that the wires inside the cable touch causing the electric supply to cut out(short circuit).  Some properties have cable a lot older than this and it is only a matter of time before problems start to arise.


Old consumer units dont have R.C.D devices which are more sensitive to earth leakage/neutral-earth faults.  Thats why when asked to put a new 17th edition consumer unit on an old installation a full electrical test is required to conclude the condition of the installation.  From previous experience theres is nothing worse than completing a mains board change to find the R.C.D constantly tripping.  This is when issues arise as the customer will not be able to understand this as nothing may have been tripping before.


In some cases the cable within the installation may be fine and all that is required is an electrical up-grade.  So first isolate the supply.  And remove all old sockets and replace with new ones.  Take down all old pendant lights/ etc and fit all new lights – remembering to identify and live conductors with brown sleeving.  Re-sleeve all earth conductors in green and yellow sleeving(mainly yellow sleeving).  Check that the water and gas incoming supply has a 10mm earth cable.  The gas has to be bonded in 10mm earth cable within 600 mm of the meter or before the first Tee(where the pipe splits on a t junction).  Some water supplies need not require an earth bond if the service supply is plastic.

Before fitting the new consumer unit also check the main earth coming from the board to the main earth terminal and make sure it is 16mm. And that the supply conductors are 25mm.  After all has been done and everything has been changed to new, Complete a full electrical test and record the results on an electrical installtion certificate.

28 Jun 2014

Maybe you already own your property or are thinking of doing so shortly. And you plasn on doing work to the house.  One thing to bare in mind before considering any works done to your home is the quality of the tradesmen you are going to hire to complete the work.

If you are having work done in your bathroom or kitchen, or are having a new consumer unit installed, then this work has to be notified to building control.   Professional electricians will be part of a competent persons scheme and will contact building control on your behalf.  Electrust – Electrical services are part of Napits competent person scheme so all work completed is notified on your behalf.

After the work has been completed an electrical installation test is to be carried out in accordance with bs7671 (british standards wiring regulations).  An electrical installation certificate is to be complete with schedule of circuits and test results.

Electrust will check your earthing arrangements to clarify they are of the correct size(csa).  Making sure they comply with bs7671.

When calling in a tradesmen , dont be afraid to ask for proof of public liability insurance and competent persons scheme paperwork, etc. Any legitimate company would not be shy in producing this as they have nothing to hide and also you are covering yourself.  Not all tradesmen are like that off rogue traders but better to cover yourself completely.  If they start to hum and hah when you do ask i would seriously re-consider your options.

At Electrust we would not be offended if you ask for relevant information, as we understand that customers need some sort of re-assurance as to who they want working on their property.

Need any advice or have queries on certain issues raised get in touch, we will be pleased to offer our service.

28 Jun 2014

Electrust Electrical services have electricians in bolton at your call.  Whether its that faulty light fitting you want replacing or that double socket that never worked.  No job is too small or big.  All domestic and commercial work is completed and all in a professional manner and at a competetive rates.

Work our electricians carry out is all certified as we are part of a scheme with in an electrical governing body – Napit.

From full house re-wires, adding extra sockets, Spotlights, Outdoor lighting, Indoor lighting, alarms, safety certificates, Consumer unit replacements and much much more.

All work is guaranteed and insured and all staff are time served and part p approved.

Contact Electrust today on 01204 432509 / 07549396370.

28 Jun 2014

The main concern in our minds here is the risk of fire.  For this reason it is essential to to inform your local fire prevention officer for advice and to any other party that may have an interest in the design of the electrical installation.

It may be necessary to install a 300mA RCD at the origin of the installation for fire protection reasons. Other requirements may be a fire detection system and maybe even a fire extinguisher.

BS7671 has a number of requirements regarding protection against fire., including chapter 42, protection against thermal effects and even section 527 , selection and erection of wiring systems to minimise the spread of fire. It is essential that the designer is familiar with these requirements.

So when you require a competent electrician – in Bolton, Wigan, Bury or any other surrounding towns , feel free to contact Electrust and let us use our expertise to your advantage.  From design to installing, your experience with Electrust will be stress free and above all else your installation will be safe.

28 Jun 2014

Electrust – Electrical Services are a north west based company who specialise in the electrical installations of domestic properties.  All staff are certified and trained up to current 17th regulations.  All work completed is supported with a certificate which is really important as when trades dont issue certificates, there usually is something wrong.  Electricians who are part p registered can issue certificates and this separates the cowboy electricians to the professionals.  We are part of Napit approved contractor scheme.  We have public insurance for over two million and above all else we please our customers everytime, given them the satisfaction they need.  Whether its installing an outside light or require rewire in bolton/surrounding town, you wont be disappointed with the service we deliver.  For a free no obligation quote contact us on 01204 432509/ 07549396370.  We will be delighted to support you with any issues you have.

28 Jun 2014

As a landlord you will be aware that you are responsible for the safety of your tenants.  For example if your tenant was to injure themselves due to the bad conditions of your home – structure/electrical/gas – You will be held responsible and face prosecution.  Now to make matters easy for yourself it would be worth while getting a report on your electrical/gas installation to put yourself at ease.  Many installations will work correctly but still have faults that are underlying and eventually these may become worse causing problems for people.
At Electrust we carry out periodic inspection reports daily to landlords and home buyers/sellers.  Most properties just need updating to current regulations/although i have completed a few which have immediate danger present.  The landlords feel at ease when we issue the certificate to say that the installation is safe and by signing the certificate we are now liable if any thing goes wrong.  But being qualified/experienced electricians we know what we are doing, unlike some cowboys you see!!

Cost of a electrical installation condition report start at 80 pound to 120.  120 being for a very large home maybe 5 bedroom plus.  Some companies will charge upto 200 pound for this work.

So if you need to put yourself at rest contact stewart at Electrust on 01204 432509 – 07549396370.  We will be happy to answer your queries and arrange to come and visit your property.

28 Jun 2014

Electrical house rewires in bolton, Look no further than Electrust – Electrical services.  We specialise in the domestic sector of electrical work.  Rewires involve a lot of work, but here at Electrust we have the specialised staff to make it an easy process.  First we take out all the old wiring and lift the floor boards which we need in order to run  the new cables in.  Then we install our new cables putting them in the positions that the new sockets, light switches, etc will be placed.  Then we chase in the backboxes, etc.

Then you have two options we can wait while you have your property plastered before we put on the new sockets , etc – or we can plaster up our chases and then later put on the sockets.  These two processes are called first and second fix.   We prefer that you get your own plasterers, but we are more than capable of doing it ourselves.

The whole process will take around 3-4 days and once finished all the property will be tested and certified.  This certificate will be valid for up to ten years and providing you dont get no handy men/cowboys in after the rewire has been done the electrical installation will stay in a satisfactory condition for up to 30 plus years.

So if your thinking about getting a rewire done at a competetive price, but also done by professionals then i recommend that you contact Electrust.  We will guarantee all work and our aim is to build reputation.  We do that by providing a professional service at a price that competes with most.

Any professional advice you require or if you are considering electrical work or a full house rewire in bolton or surrounding towns then  contact us and we will be more than happy to help.